Speak Out California is helping to define a new progressive agenda for our state. Here are the overaching tenants of our vision:

Real Family Values.

Right-wing groups have tried to define family values as intolerance for anything other than their rigidly defined notion of family. It's time for this to stop. Real Family Values means protecting kids, supporting parents, building a strong public education system as the backbone of democracy, providing affordable quality child care, and options for shorter and more flexible work hours.

Extending Civil And Consumer Rights.

We need your help to protect our existing civil right and basic fredoms and work to uphold access to the civil justice system. It is also time to start extending what we consider civil rights to include access to quality education, equal health care, gay and lesbian rights and the protection of rights for the disabled community.

Protecting Family Planning.

Roe v. Wade is at greater risk than ever before. While we enjoy strong protections here in California, the anti-choice movement emanating from the White House and right-wing groups around the country constantly threatens to erode these protections. We must continue to fight the attempt to insert the government into decisions that should be between women and their doctors. Governments should not be allowed to susbstitute politics or religion for sound medical decisions.America is not a theocracy.

High-Road Economics.

Republicans and their free market fundamentalist attack groups claim that they stand for economic growth, but the stock market on average performs 12% better under Democrats. Why? In short, because tax cuts don't create jobs: people do. We believe in producing robust and sustainable growth in this state by:

  • Investing in education and infrastructure
  • Encouraging public-private partnerships
  • Making California the home for the green economy
  • Protecting working families
  • Supporting responsible corporate stewardship

Smart Health Care.

Our state health care system is in crisis, and requires a complete overhaul. Our hospitals and emergency rooms are buckling under the pressure as too many uninsured patients are forced to rely on ER-based treatment. It's time for us to stand up to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries and join the rest of the industrialized nations in the world that have built modern, accessible health care systems for all.

Environmental Sustainability.

Environmental protection needs to become an organizing principle of our society. It's simple: no planet, no economy. As the costs of not addressing environmental issues become more and more apparent, the argument that it's too expensive to take preventative action is exposed as an expensive and dangerous fallacy. Skyrocketing oil prices, the changing climate and out -of-control corporate polluters portend an even greater expense to California: the irreversible degradation of our natural resources and public health. We need to act in the spirit of California's great environmentalists, individuals like David Brower, Ansel Adams, John Muir and Jeff Arthur, who fought for clean air and water, the preservation of our great land, and a more sustainable approach to economic growth.