Welcome to the blog of Speak Out California!

We are a statewide progressive advocacy organization, built on a foundation of values that we know most Californians share. Our goal is to keep people informed of what’s happening in state politics from a progressive perspective, and to organize them into actions that both connect them to the current political system and enable them to begin changing it for the better.
Here at Speak Out California, we know that progressives are hard at work doing amazing things every day – in their jobs, in their homes and in their communities. We hope this blog will become a place for us all to connect. Not only will we share news stories and other valuable information we dig up on a regular basis, we hope you will engage with us in lively discussions about the political happenings of our state, as they happen.
Right now, Speak Out California is working on educating voters about the November 8, 2005, Special Election, and what it means for the future of California. Check out our Preliminary Voter Guide – which includes summaries of the eight initiatives on the ballot from a progressive perspective, as well as links to the full text of the measures – and let us know what you think!
Thank you for visiting, and for being a part of this struggle for real progressive change in California.