Even McCain can’t deal with Schwarzenegger’s photo ops

Reuters has a great nugget about the McCain visit today. Apparently in a news briefing after the staged “town hall” – the only type of event Schwarzenegger has thrown thus far in the election – McCain mentioned that he hates those sorts of things. You know, the thing he just happily participated in. So very McCain.

“The benefit of an open town hall meeting is one that you get to hear a lot of different views, and two it has credibility,” said McCain.
At the Oakland event, the crowd appeared as enthusiastic as an audience at a game show, frequently nodding their head in agreement, applauding at all the right spots, and chanting “four more years” as Schwarzenegger arrived.
“Thank you, how huge of you to be stepping out,” one woman told Schwarzenegger. “You have other things to do.”
Such remarks prompted McCain to quip, “The governor is going to take you wherever he goes.”

So. Schwarzenegger’s town hall meetings involve neither a town, nor a hall: discuss.