Announcing: California Speaks Out Blog Contest!

After an exhausting and eventful year, here at California Speaks Out headquarters we’ve come up with an idea that might help us all take a deep breath and reflect both on the year and how much great writing is happening out in the lefty side of the blogosphere.
We’re looking for the top five (or so) California-focused weblog posts of the year, and we need your help. Whether it’s one you read or one you wrote yourself, send us the most insightful, best written or just plain feistiest post on a California issue that you came across since January, 2005 (permalinks, or the full text and date the post ran is fine!).
Even for those of us who devote practically every waking hour to obsessively following it, the Internet just moves too fast. Let’s take this chance to slow down and take stock. Who was doing it for you this year? Who inspired you? Who moved you to action? Who reminded you of what we’re fighting for in this great state and country?
We’re planning on collecting posts over the next few days and running the winners next week. Entries can be from any weblog, although we’ll give preference to ones in our network, and the post just has to have something to do with California politics. There’s no prize other than bragging rights – but what bragging rights those will be.
Please submit your nominations to by Tuesday, Dec. 20.
Although many of the most influential national bloggers live in California, progressive blogs focused on California politics are still few and far between. The conservative blogosphere in California is very well-organized and well-read, and continues to get the bulk of the mainstream political press. What we are trying to do on this blog, and in creating the California Speaks Out Network, is to inspire more great bloggers in this state to lend their eloquence and tenacity to statewide issues on a year-round basis, and not just during campaigns.
This contest is another small step. Look forward to more development of these ideas in the coming year, and please, if you have any suggestions, send them our way!