C’mon in, Mr. Lucas, the water is fine

George Lucas is visiting DC

“Lucas, who has never been identified with political causes, said Tuesday that his visit to Washington was strictly nonpartisan…
Lucas is not listed as a political donor to any federal candidate for office or party in the past few election cycles, according to Federal Election Commission records.”

but, there is this…

Asked about the role of democracy in Star Wars’ imaginary Evil Empire, Lucas said, “In the Empire, Congress is irrelevant. They come, they talk, they rant, they rave, they vote, but it doesn’t mean anything because the emperor controls it all. He doesn’t care about the democracy part of it.’

It’s a little horrifying to consider that someone as outstandingly and phenomenally wealthy as George Lucas has never given so much as a dime to participating in the democratic process, but, like a lot of people, it sounds like he’s starting to wake up. Glad to see he’s apparently taking the political message of Episode III – “So this is how liberty dies, to the sound of thunderous applause” – seriously.