The Bush Machine comes to California

Inspite of the fact that George Bush and his band of thieves and incompetents continue to crash-and-burn with its lies and deceptions being exposed on a seemingly daily basis, it is curious that our own Governor would be bringing these folks to California to run his re-election campaign.
Given their betrayal of trust and extraordinary incompetence, it is hard to believe that Schwarzenegger would want to be associated with this lot, especially since we in California, hold them in such low repute. (Yesterday’s Field Poll shows Bush’s favorabilities at an historic low of 32% with 63% unfavorable). With such enormous baggage, one would think our Governor would be trying to make Californians forget about his sharp right turn into his ill-conceived and disasterous special election (for which we the taxpayers are still footing the bill). Or his Bush-lite corporate favoritism.
Instead, Arnold has imported and reconstructed the Bush campaign machine to run his re-election effort in November — those same delightful folks who were able to dupe the American people into believing that a three-time purple heart winner was a traitor and a guy who went AWOL rather than complete his one year of National Guard duty in Alabama was a hero. Of course, it’s going to take the same kind of smoke-and-mirrors logic to convince the people of California that this Governor has earned the right to serve for a complete four year term. It won’t be easy, though.
As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce dumps millions of dollars into electioneering ads on TV touting Schwarzenegger’s accomplishments, it only serves to reinforce that Arnold is beholden to the same corporate interests that are destroying the middle class in this country, reaping record oil profits, increasing the cost of health care and otherwise making it harder and harder for people to pay their bills and keep their financial heads above water.
We’ll keep following the money in this race and asking why the big corporations, developers, drug and oil companies, auto industry executives and other ultra wealthy contributors are spending so much to keep this governor in office. It’s not because he’s looking out for the little guy, that’s for sure.
We need to keep in mind for all these elections — both national as well as state — that the right-wing has gotten so good at messaging and language. It’s not what they SAY that we need to pay attention to, it’s what they’re DOING.
Arnold’s got their playbook and now Bush’s slash-and -burn right-wing campaign squad. California’s in for quite a ride this election season. Time to kick them all out of office.