Ten Reasons to Support Phil Angelides for Governor

It’s hard to believe that all the hype and smoke-and-mirrors that the Governor’s re-election team—brought to us by the George Bush re-election machine, has been able to so totally snooker the media and many others into believing that Arnold is a changed man.
Of course, his most recent unilateral act of totally ignoring the deal he made with the Democratic leadership in the legislature to get AB 32- the Global Warming bill passed notwithstanding, it looks like many Dems think he’s an OK guy. The fact is: he’s already laid-down-the gauntlet, signaling he’s the same old guy who thinks he’s king and doesn’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else (Does this sound a little George Bushian—with his now familiar “Signing statements” after each piece of legislation where Bush says he’ll interpret the bill as he chooses, irrespective of legislative intent or the clear meaning of the law he’s signed). If it sounds familiar, it’s because it is.
Arnold is taking yet another page from the Bush playbook that says it doesn’t matter what I sign, it’s what I say and decide to do that matters. No matter how they try to portray it, it’s the same team and same playbook.
So here we are, on the cusp of the General Election of 2006, with Dems unsure of whether to give this flip-flopping politician another chance and actually considering it. Of course, the mainstream media is so star-struck that it has ignored these transgressions and lined-up with the rest of the seduced paparazzi to photograph every staged event and well-scripted interaction this governor has—without seriously questioning or challenging his conduct or statements. For those of us with more discerning priorities, Assemblymember and Speak Out supporter Mark Leno has put together a list of the ten reasons why all Democrats—and certainly progressives, should vote for Phil Angelides for Governor.
Here they are:

TOP 10
10 Angelides is the true environmentalist with environmental endorsements; Schwarzenegger plays politics with the environment gutting the landmark AB32 by an executive order just like Bush and his signing statements
9 Angelides respects minimum wage workers and the increase they deserve; Schwarzenegger only plays politics with them
8 Angelides supports a smart, strong and fair immigration policy; Schwarzenegger flips flops and flips again
7 Angelides supports equal marriage rights for all Californians; Schwarzenegger vetoed them
6 Angelides supports affordable universal health care; Schwarzenegger opposes it
5 Angelides can be trusted to fully fund education; Schwarzenegger broke his promise on education and to our children
4 Angelides stands up to big oil and supports Prop 87;Schwarzenegger opposes Prop 87 and is in the pocket of big oil having taken more contributions from oil companies than any politician in America except George W. Bush
3 Angelides fights for a woman’s right to choose and opposes Prop 85; Schwarzenegger opposes choice, doesn’t oppose 85 and fully embraced the voter-rejected Prop 73 of last year
2 Angelides opposes Bush’s war in Iraq; Schwarzenegger supports it
1 Angelides supports Nancy Pelosi to become Speaker of the House; Schwarzenegger is working against Pelosi’s speakership and supports the status quo, Republican Party stranglehold in Washington, DC
Please pass this list along to your friends or associates who might be wondering about this keyelection decision.
It’s really a very clear choice. Let’s surprise them on election night!