McClintock and Strickland–Too Extreme for California–Womens’ issues

With the sudden infusion of millions of dollars primarily by a small but flush group of Tribes, the prospects of these two members of the radical fringe of the Republican Party actually having a chance at winning election in November has mobilized a whole group of progressive organizations to fight back—-even though we don’t have the kind of financial resources to level the money field. Instead, we’ve got the truth and once the word is out to California’s voters, they’ll be horrified at the careers and records of these two candidates.
Over the next several days, we’ll be posting the records of Lt. Governor candidate Tom McClintock and his much less-intelligent, but equally dangerous clone, State Controller candidate Tony Strickland. Today we’ve got the women’s community’s perspective on these two and their voting records on issues of importance to women and girls.
It’s beyond bleak and horrifying to think that these two ideological inflexible anti-pay equity, anti-choice, anti medical leave- and anti-just about everything that is important to progressives could be so close to gaining a foothold in controlling many of the important activities that direct our state and its future.
Take a look at what Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, California NOW’s PAC and NARAL Pro-Choice California have to say about the records of these two neanderthals. Then click to the sites listed below which provide the actual legislative report cards for past year voting records of these two.
We hope you will also pass this information along because we progressives don’t have the millions of dollars necessary to combat the misinformation and distortions about these two that will attempt to portray them as protectors of the public. As you will see, they are anything but—Simply put, they’re too extreme for California.



Both candidates have a dangerous history of opposing women’s rights
Two of the candidates for statewide office have a dangerous record of opposing women’s rights throughout their legislative careers. Tom McClintock and Tony Strickland’s legislative records have received little or no attention during their statewide campaigns for Lt. Governor and Controller, despite the fact that their voting histories are completely out of touch with California voters. When it comes to reproductive rights, violence against women, family medical leave, women’s health care and gender discrimination, Tom McClintock and Tony Strickland have among the worst voting histories on record. Attached is a list of bills that demonstrates their lack of support for the fundamental rights of women. The question is – will the voters find out before Election Day just how draconian McClintock and Strickland are? If Californians elect McClintock and Strickland they will move women back to the dark ages and endanger their health and safety.
“The voters need to know that Tom McClintock and Tony Strickland have a long history of voting against reproductive rights, pay equity, family medical leave and protections from gender discrimination and violence against women. In the Legislature, Tom McClintock and Tony Strickland were consistently on the losing end of votes when opposing women’s rights, but electing them to statewide office would be a disaster,” explained Janice Rocco, spokesperson for the California National Organization for Women’s Political Action Committee.
“There is no other candidate more extreme than Tom McClintock, bar none,” said Kathy Kneer, CEO/President of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. “Since he was elected in 1982, McClintock’s voted against everything a woman has the right to, and make no mistake, McClintock would ban abortions tomorrow if he could. A vote for McClintock is a vote for South Dakota and Tony Strickland is just a Tom McClintock in training.”
“California voters want candidates who support commonsense measures to prevent unintended pregnancy and stand united behind our shared values of freedom, privacy, and personal responsibility. McClintock and Strickland’s consistently anti-choice voting records show that they are out of touch with the majority of Californians,” said Amy Everitt, state director of NARAL Pro-Choice California.
Women’s groups call on California voters to vote for women’s rights and against these two extremists. Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (PPAC), the California National Organization for Women (NOW), and NARAL track legislators’ voting records on a range of issues that impact the lives of women and girls. Their legislative report cards from past years are online here…