McClintock and Strickland–Too Extreme for California-The Environment

In keeping with our effort to get out the real records of these two extremists, Lt. Governor candidate, Tom McClintock and Controller candidate, Tony Strickland, we’ve asked major spokesmen and representatives of key environmental groups in California –the SIerra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) to explain just how out-of-touch these two candidates are when it comes to protecting our precious environment.
Regardless of how much money is spent trying to gloss over and ignore their Bush-like views of our precious communities and resources, the facts are still the facts and no amount of “powder and paint can make them look like what they ain’t” as an old saying goes…… Their long histories of disrespecting our values is so striking, it is important that we make sure people who don’t know about their records are given that information before they make their critical election decisions. There is just too much at stake for our beloved state to vote in ignorance.
Here’s what our environmental watchdog groups have to say:

McClintock and Strickland Too Extreme for California
Have Extreme Anti-Environment Records, Green Groups Charge
Senator Tom McClintock and former Assemblymember Tony Strickland both have consistently opposed sensible measures to protect our air, water and wild places, making them too extreme for California. Both are indifferent to protecting public health, environmental leaders are warning. McClintock and Strickland are the Republican candidates for Lieutenant Governor and Controller, respectively. Sierra Club California and California League of Conservation Voters have endorsed Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi and Board of Equalization Member John Chiang for the positions.
“The Lieutenant Governor and Controller sit on important environmental bodies like the State Lands Commission,” said Bill Magavern, senior representative for Sierra Club California. “Our state cannot afford to put crucial conservation decisions in the hands of anti-environmental extremists like McClintock and Strickland, who have opposed virtually every significant environmental measure they have had the chance to vote on.”
“We didn’t think anyone could have a lower environmental score than Tom McClintock, but Tony Strickland wins that race to the bottom,” said David Allgood, Southern Director of CLCV, noting that Strickland and McClintock have lifetime scores of 1.67% and 2.2%, respectively, based on the group’s annual environmental scorecards. They both opposed important measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles. (AB 1493, 2002), to recycle toxic electronic wastes (SB 20, 2003), and to increase California’s supply or clean, renewable energy (SB 1078, 2002). All of these milestone laws have been embraced by the man leading the Republican ticket, Governor Schwarzenegger.
“McClintock and Strickland have a ‘just say no’ approach to environmental protection, and they are stuck in the failed policies of the past that gave us choking smog, dumping of toxic waste and unfettered sprawl,” Magavern added.. “Their environmental records might suit them for staff jobs in the Bush-Cheney White House, but they are way out of touch with the majority of Californians, who support clean energy, coastal preservation, and curbs on global warming,” stated Allgood.
We here at Speak Out California are committed to bringing information to the public before the election so decisions are made based on fact and not who has the most money to produce glitzy and misleading ads on TV and mailers.
Please let your friends know what the real facts are……and stay tuned for more information about the positions of these two right-wing idealogues on issues pertaining to consumers and working families. We’ll be posting those over the next few days as well.