Over 1.5 million hits on our site…and counting!

It is so important progressive Californians cast their ballots today–whether by casting your vote at the polls or making sure that absentee ballot is handed in before the polls close today. We’ve done our part by creating an easy to follow, straight-forward analysis of the election from the progressive’s perspective. We’ve received an extraordinary response—almost 1.5 million hits on our site—and still counting.
Please make sure you and your like-minded friends cast your ballots. We are on the cusp in this state–and nation– of working toward positive change or falling back into the old and failed policies of a century gone by. Do we want health care for all our people? energy independence?protection for a woman’s reproductive choices? a future based on hope and opportunity?equal dignity for all? corporations being accountable–both financially and as stewards for their actions and polllution? consumers to be protected from dangerous and failed products? Quality public education available for all our children?
The list goes on and on. But today is the day we can steer the course of our state and nation. It is our duty and privilege to have our say. If you’re still not quite sure what to support or oppose, take another look at our voter guide, or better yet, make a hardcopy and take it with you to the polls………close to 1.5 million hits on our site says we can help you make a difference!