The “Head and Heart” and enthusiasim of California of Progressives is here in San Diego

Speak Out California is present at the Democratic Convention in San Diego! We have a table and have listened carefully to all the speakers. Those presidential candidates who have the “head and heart” of the Californian people have spoken.
We’re conducting an informal “Presidential Straw Poll” here to get a sense of how those attending the Convention
feel about the candidates, particularly after hearing them speak in person. We’ll be following up on this at the end of the convention and will keep you posted on just where the general sentiments seem to be–at least at this point in the campaign.
During her speech to the general convention, Hillary Clinton spoke powerfully about her commitment to a national universal health care system.
Barack Obama electrified the crowd as he empowered each person in the audience to have a “can do” attitude. He further emphasized that it is the voters who decide what the elected members must do.
After telling the audience that he was one of the few candidates who spoke Spanish, Christopher Dodd reminded us of the importance of fixing the nation for the benefit of the next generation.
Toward the end of the afternoon, Dennis Kucinich came and briefly continued his open support for the impeachment ofPresident George W. Bush.
We will be here again tomorrow as we wait to hear John Edwards. And check in later this week to see the results of the Convention Straw Poll.