Solving California’s Budget Problems Without Taxes

Over at the blog Calitics, Paul Rosenberg has some “thinking outsides the box” ideas for ways that we can solve California’s budget problems without asking corporations and the wealthy to contribute their fair share of taxes. These really are worth looking at.
Since it is obviously important that the burden of financing the state be kept off of the corporations and wealthy, and instead fall on seniors, students and the sick, Rosenberg lays out several ideas, including:
1) Forcing students to donate blood weekly.
2) Forcing children to work,

However, if we’ve learned anything from the last few years of budget woes, it’s that we need to diversify our sources of revenue. Translated into policy terms this means that instead of relying entirely on children’s blood, we should rely on their sweat and tears as well. In a word: child labor.

3) Using a lottery to choose who we can force to donate organs.
Go read. Paul comes up with some good ideas for how we can increase the burden on our poorest so that the wealthy and corporations continue to be spared from having to pay their fair share.

Use Rebates To Help California Schools

I received this in my email today from a friend I trust:

hey everyone!
sorry for the mass email. but some things just call for them. so the other night, karen and i were sitting around wondering what to spend our tax rebate on: big screen tv? that new touchscreen phone? a trip to mexico to drink pina coladas? we decided to set up a site (which we threw up in a night so cut us some slack):
to encourage people to use their tax rebates (or portions of them) to stimulate the minds of the future. we just find it kind of sad that our public schools are so lacking in supplies… teachers are requesting such basic seeming needs: crayons, chairs, dictionaries, etc. and often end up paying for them themselves! not to mention that California is cutting more than $4.5 billion from k-12 education and this alone month they’ve laid off over 10,000 teachers. they have cut art classes, music classes, and even p.e.! in a state as wealthy and progressive as California, this feels kind of embarrassing. luckily Californians are caring and always ready to step up when asked.
anyway, i thought you may be interested in checking it out, and telling people about it! if you get a chance, digg, reddit it, blog about it, facebook it, and pass it on!
thanks for your time everyone

So click through to Stimulated Minds.