McClintock and Strickland–Too Extreme for California-The Environment

In keeping with our effort to get out the real records of these two extremists, Lt. Governor candidate, Tom McClintock and Controller candidate, Tony Strickland, we’ve asked major spokesmen and representatives of key environmental groups in California –the SIerra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) to explain just how out-of-touch these two candidates are when it comes to protecting our precious environment.
Regardless of how much money is spent trying to gloss over and ignore their Bush-like views of our precious communities and resources, the facts are still the facts and no amount of “powder and paint can make them look like what they ain’t” as an old saying goes…… Their long histories of disrespecting our values is so striking, it is important that we make sure people who don’t know about their records are given that information before they make their critical election decisions. There is just too much at stake for our beloved state to vote in ignorance.
Here’s what our environmental watchdog groups have to say:

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McClintock and Strickland–Too Extreme for California–Womens’ issues

With the sudden infusion of millions of dollars primarily by a small but flush group of Tribes, the prospects of these two members of the radical fringe of the Republican Party actually having a chance at winning election in November has mobilized a whole group of progressive organizations to fight back—-even though we don’t have the kind of financial resources to level the money field. Instead, we’ve got the truth and once the word is out to California’s voters, they’ll be horrified at the careers and records of these two candidates.
Over the next several days, we’ll be posting the records of Lt. Governor candidate Tom McClintock and his much less-intelligent, but equally dangerous clone, State Controller candidate Tony Strickland. Today we’ve got the women’s community’s perspective on these two and their voting records on issues of importance to women and girls.
It’s beyond bleak and horrifying to think that these two ideological inflexible anti-pay equity, anti-choice, anti medical leave- and anti-just about everything that is important to progressives could be so close to gaining a foothold in controlling many of the important activities that direct our state and its future.
Take a look at what Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, California NOW’s PAC and NARAL Pro-Choice California have to say about the records of these two neanderthals. Then click to the sites listed below which provide the actual legislative report cards for past year voting records of these two.
We hope you will also pass this information along because we progressives don’t have the millions of dollars necessary to combat the misinformation and distortions about these two that will attempt to portray them as protectors of the public. As you will see, they are anything but—Simply put, they’re too extreme for California.

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National field update

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There have been a lot of main stream media stories over the past few weeks about how great the RNC get out the vote operation is doing, including one on Sunday in the SF Chron about the Schwarzenegger operation. These stories usually include an obligatory paragraph about how disorganized the Democratic side is by comparison.
You’ll be shocked to know that your sources in the corporate media may not be telling you the entire truth here – although in this case it really isn’t their fault. The Voter Activation Network (VAN) is a web based voter contact database and tracking system that a number of state Democratic parties and other organizations are using to keep track of their field and direct mail operations. (Full disclosure: I’m the project director of California VoterConnect, and as of a few months ago we are a customer of theirs.)
The folks running this system have a unique perspective on how we’re doing. On the flip is a letter from one of the principals of this organization (published here with his express permission) with some perhaps surprising and potentially great news…

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Our worst nightmare-California goes red!

We just received this urgent message from groups in the thick of the political battle this year. We are passing it along to you to remind you just what is at stake and urge you to make sure all your like-minded friends and colleagues don’t let it happen. Please excuse some of the grammar and formatting here; at this point in the campaign urgency is the first and only thing.
This scenario might sound somewhat dramatic but it is certainly a real possibility when progressive candidates and ideas are being outspent by such significant margins. T.V. and mail are powerful tools, but we believe the internet is as well. So with a lot less money, but a lot more of what is right on our side, here’s an update on what the latest and serious events could produce in this election year:

California could very well go red. The casino-owning tribes have just announced a multi-million independent expenditure against Democrats John Garamendi and John Chiang. The mud-slinging ads will begin as soon as this week.
With the trifecta of oil, insurance and now, casino-owning tribes, along with 60,000 Far Right phone bankers culled from faux non-profits and evangelical churches, just about every constitutional office is in play in Democratic California. A recent estimate by the CA Repub Party shows, with the influx of gaming money, and Arnold’s coattails, that the Republicans have a significant chance of winning (in addition to the Governor’s seat):
Lt Gov
Secty of State
Ins Com’r
Attorney General…they are suing Jerry Brown now…
We say we want clean money and universal health care in CA….not with this crowd.
Moreover, no matter who the Dem nominee is in 2008, it is imperative that the unholy alliance in CA between oil, insurance, casino-owning tribes and the Far Right be exposed and more, eliminated, or no Democrat will stand a chance in California in 2008.
Pls educate your friends and neighbors and encourage them to vote Democratic for the entire slate. Also, if they/you have not yet gotten involved in this election, now is the time to start, esp with those who will now be facing multi-million dollar negative ad buys from the casino-owning tribes….long-time supporters to Tom “Mr. Family Values” McClintock.”

Click more for more information about where we’re at…

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“We had no idea.”

If there was any question about the importance of defeating this awful measure, take a look at what long-time activist Robert Redford thinks of Prop 90. This mail was sent to NRDC members but it’s as good a summary as is out there of where people are at on this and what the issues around this terrible proposition are…

Dear NRDC Member,
“We had no idea.”
You’re going to hear that a lot if Proposition 90 passes next month. Millions of people are going to wake up the morning after Election Day and wish they’d read the fine print.
Please don’t be one of them.

Click more for the rest…

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Senator Sheila Kuehl on electing Deb Bowen

We asked progressive icon and Speak Out California supporter State Senator Sheila Kuehl to share with us her thoughts on the races for statewide office this election year. The following is her typically thoughtful and articulate analysis of the priorities we progressives must express as we cast our ballots on the future of our state. With no other women on the statewide ticket, this is an opportunity to identify a new and rising star, but most importantly, to assure we protect the integrity of our democratic system, our vote. Here’s what Senator Kuehl had to say:
The most important election in the state this year is not the race for the Governor’s seat. It is the race for Secretary of State. State Senator Deborah Bowen, the only woman running in California for any statewide seat, is the Democratic nominee. The Republican is Bruce McPherson, who was appointed by Arnold Schwarzenegger after the resignation of Kevin Shelley. As the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections have (hopefully) taught us, everything could be at stake, not only 2006 but, more importantly 2008, depending on the outcome of this race.
Deb is running a few points ahead and will win if she can raise the necessary monies. For more information about her campaign, Go now to her website at or contact her at: Debra Bowen for Secretary of State, 578 Washington Blvd. #409, Marina del Rey 90292.
I have served in the Legislature with Deb, in both the Assembly and the Senate, for all the 12 years I have been there and there is no one smarter, more honest, more committed to public service and more attuned to the ways in which elections can be stolen, compromised or thwarted. She must be elected.
On the flip… some history on why this race is so critical in California:

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Schwarzenegger veto bad news for environment, families, taxpayers

In a move that raises serious doubts about whether Governor Schwarzenegger intends the new laws he trumpets to have any teeth, the Governor vetoed legislation sponsored by California’s Attorney General Bill Lockyer that would have kept the playing field level when our state’s top cop tackles corporations that violate California’s laws. Schwarzenegger’s veto is also a slap at taxpayers, who foot the bill for curbing illicit activities, and should be able to recoup those expenditures when the lawbreakers are caught and the People of California win in court.
The stakes for our state are enormous. If you visit Attorney General Lockyer’s website, you’ll see case after case where he won billions of dollars in refunds for California consumers, forced polluters to cease spewing toxins into our air or dumping them into our water, stopped tobacco companies from handing out free cigarettes to kids, curbed securities frauds perpetrated on stockholders and employees, cleaned up phony charities that ripped off donors, reined in lumber companies from decimating protected forests, and enforced hard-fought civil rights laws.

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