Devious Debt Collectors get their just desserts

Unlike Bush’s raiding of our treasury and the piling on of debt that is the hallmark of his administration, regular citizens aren’t able to just print up more money to pay for what they want and buy. Instead, we’ve become trained to borrow and use anything we can as collateral. Thanks to the Republicans who have controlled Congress, once we’ve gotten sucked into the mindset that when life gets tough, we should just spend money,we’re forced into a debtors nightmare that doesn’t end.
When the answer to 9/11 was that we should all go shopping, it is no wonder that more and more Americans find themselves in debt. When we haven’t seen an increase in the minimum wage in over a decade, have more jobs being off-shored, workers benefits being obliterated, the cost of health insurance and health care out-of-control, and the cost of everything from gas to food going through the ceiling, it’s not at all surprising that we’re digging deeper and deeper into our pockets just to survive.
Enter the financial industries and the debt-collector. This administration has seen to it that the balance of power rests with the creditor—everywhere from the bankruptcy court where debt cannot be discharged in many cases to the debt-collector being able to harass and abuse those who have the misfortune of being in their sights.
Their arrogance is only exceeded by their obnoxious behavior. It is only getting worse, so the story of attorney Bob Brennan of La Crescenta becomes one of those far-too-rare but important victories that illustrate the need for tenacious and committed plaintiff’s attorneys to be on the forefront of protecting you and me—the consumers of this state and nation.
It is important to highlight these victories because the so-called “tort reform” movement wants to eliminate the ability of average citizens to sue these wrong-doers. These misnamed “reformers” use the most extreme examples to support their spurious complaint that the courts are tied up with “frivolous” lawsuits. Check out this case and see if you think this woman’s lawsuit was unwarranted. And remember, the goal of the “tort reformers”, led by the Bushies and our Governator, is to deny “John and Jane Q Citizen” the ability to stop these bullies from trodding on their rights. If you close the courthouse to the average person, there is no recourse left. Check out this story:

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