We’re calling it “PumpGate”

Via The Roundup

If you thought Democrats were going to let Gov. Schwarzenegger’s recent ethical troubles over his connection with a pair of fitness magazines fade away with the legislative recess, then we’ve got a bridge in the Bay Area to sell you.

Seriously, though, the L.A. Times reports that California Democratic Party officials are filing a formal complaint against the Governor today with the Fair Political Practices Commission, a statewide watchdog group. The complaint will:

…contend that the governor’s multimillion-dollar agreement with the publisher was barred under state laws designed to keep public officials from getting excessive gifts or using their position for personal gain.
“We think that the governor’s actions here are pretty outrageous,” said Lance Olson, general counsel for the state Democratic Party. “He’s lined his pockets and he’s vetoed legislation that directly affects those people giving him money. And we think that violates several pretty clear provisions in the Political Reform Act.”
At the same time, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez (D-Los Angeles) said that he is discussing with state lawyers the possibility of holding legislative hearings into Schwarzenegger’s contract with Florida-based American Media Inc.

The article goes on to forshadow that these legislative hearings might possibly be delayed while Nunez “consults with his advisors,” which means they could be embarassinlgy close to the special election and Schwarzenegger’s power-grab initiative campaigns.
Clearly Speaker Nunez decided maybe now wasn’t the best time for that vacation!