Welcome to the redesign!

Today, with the announcement to our membership, our redesign is officially live! We hope you’ll check out all the features of the new site, and we’ve posted about this before but again, many thanks to James Home of jameshome.com for his help with everything.
You may want to check out the new blogroll in particular; it is in the column to the left and it’s dynamically updated, so the most recently posted to weblogs are at the top. There are 130 some odd sites on there now, and every time I’ve taken a tour through them I’ve been impressed by not just the quantity (which is certainly impressive!) but the quality, too. We have a bunch of smart people in this state and we’re going to do great things: we’re going to beat back the Governor’s agenda forty days from now and then go on to even better things in 2006. Thanks for visiting, keep coming back, and enjoy the new site!