The progressive revolution

Yesterday, Speak Out California launched our new site design, weblog, blogroll and updated interactive voter guide for the Nov. 8 special election. Earlier that day, PowerPAC – a statewide social justice organization – launched a bold campaign to End Poverty in California. And late last night, Rick Jacobs, former chair of the California campaign for Howard Dean, launched the Courage Campaign, a place where progressive activists can hook up with regional news and events.
Schwarzenegger’s right-wing policies have unleased a progressive backlash in California like nothing he has ever dreamed of! How fitting that these three groups all launched their campaigns on the same day that Schwarzenegger demonstrated his utter lack of leadership toward a better future for our state by vetoing both a much-needed increase to the minimum wage and a bill that would grant marriage equality to same-sex couples.
Progressives have not only the vision and the real solutions to California’s problems, we clearly have the fire in the belly necessary to deflect these attacks and to push forward our own positive agenda.
We say, bring on the fight.