Polling confusion

The Alliance for a Better California has another great summary of the propostions up in a diary on dailykos today. Worth a read, but if you’re still confused on why to vote no on 77 when we do, in fact, need redistricting, check out Kevin Drum’s analysis.
There’s some controversy over whether this poll or the PPIC one released a few days ago is more accurate. Given that the two polls say essentially the opposite things on every single question, this confusion is understandable. My hunch is that reality is probably somewhere in the middle, but I do get the feeling we’re going to be in trouble. It’s going to be a turnout game. Their side may be smaller in numbers, but they’re motivated in a way that I’m just not seeing from our side. They’re deliberately playing on and feeding people’s irritation with this whole thing and thinking that will keep people home. It’s a disgusting strategy.