We love Maria!

The Chron is running this above the fold this morning, Maria to keep mum on Oprah. She’s going on the show to talk about – I am not making this up – “America’s Invisible Poor”:

With the special election less than a month away, Shriver is facing scrutiny from critics who say the initiatives pushed by her husband in the bitterly partisan election — particularly one aimed at curbing the power of labor unions — are abhorrent to the ideals of the Democratic Party her family has supported for generations.

I caught part of the Sean Hannity interview with the Governor the other night. Between that fawning and worshipful yet still smug look that Hannity gets and the Governor’s fundamental mendacity, I almost threw the television out the window. The Governor went on at length at one point about how excited he is about infrastructure, about all he wants to do for schools and how many roads he wants to build. (he never seems to mention transit)
The past five years of politics in the United State have been a tour through the entire taxonomy of dishonesty. He makes it sound like he’s all for schools and roads, but look at the reality: his first priority after his coronation was a tax cut that mostly helped the wealthy, and now he’s pushing this spending limit crap on the ballot. It just doesn’t make any sense, none at all. Sure, we all want infrastructure. Infrastructure is great! But somebody has to pay for it, and that’s what makes actual leadership – not this namby-pamby whining about taxes crap that Schwarzenegger and Bush are constantly, relentlessly peddling – so difficult. Funny that these kinds of big lies, the really gargantuan ones, somehow always escape the attention of the corporate media.
So Maria is going on Oprah to talk about poor people, while her husband is on the other channel campaigning like crazy trying to make more of them. What a country!