More JoinArnold lameness

The Alliance covers more just brilliant writing over at the JoinArnold weblog. We know they’ve had problems raising money for this dog of an election, but the lack of even rudimentary adult supervision over there is a joke. They don’t seem to understand that a campaign weblog is an official statement of the campaign, as well being fun and giving people a chance to connect with the process more easily (although it’s a lot harder to make that connection when comments are turned off and it’s just one-way, as there’s is).
So it’s the official policy of the Schwarzenegger campaign that we should have a wet t-shirt contest for nurses. Why any woman in this state would vote for this guy or anything he’s connected to, even beyond how it’s all taking this state exactly in the wrong direction, is practically unfathomable. You’ve got to love the comment from Mike Murphy on their post, too. Yet another instance of someone whining about “PC” when they’re really just looking for an excuse to keep being an #$(&*hole. Mike: if you’re going to be a jerk, at least own it.
In other news, Schwarzenegger agrees to real town hall forum to be aired Oct. 24. That should be interesting. And if you missed the story about how Schwarzenneger is bringing in GOP ringleaders to try and turn out the evangelical vote, check out PowerPac’s analysis. Yep, the reason 73 is on the ballot and our not-so-pro-choice waffler of a Governor is supporting it is so they can do exactly what they did to re-elect the President. GOP hardball tactics come to California.