We are being lied to.

George Skelton finally asks the obvious questions about the Governor’s increasingly Orwellian Proposition 76 sales pitch:

Political strategists for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger must think there’s voter appeal in telling people they can have it both ways: less and more at the same time. Or, regardless of where people come down on the side of spending – wanting more or less – they’re covered by Prop. 76.

The Schwarzenegger camp’s answer for how this can possibly be true is simple: more debt. Yep, make the grandkids pay for it! I guess it doesn’t count as spending if it doesn’t come out of the pockets of today’s rich. This is more bash, break, borrow & BS.
I really hope this strategy doesn’t work, but the fact that they’re even trying it says a lot about how they view the process of governing as one big campaign. There’s a bond of trust that has to be in place between leaders and the people. When that bond is abused – this tactic is only the latest in a long string of insults over the past few years – bad things happen. It’s something to keep in mind when discussing things with conservatives: they’ve been lied to, even more than the rest of us.