Blast from the past

From an American Prospect article on framing from a long, long time ago…

“[Strategic Framing Institute president Susan Bales] shows two slides. First she displays a cover of the children’s book Chicken Little. When greens sound like Chicken Little, she says, the message is that the sky is falling, it’s your fault and you have to lower your living standards. Not surprisingly, that message attracts only true believers. Then she puts up a second slide of The Little Engine That Could. A far better message is that good old American technology can solve environmental problems, and that citizens can hold government and business accountable if only they have the political will.”

That’s still probably the single most succinct description of framing that’s out there; something to think about while you’re talking to people about the special election. If the topic of how negative things seem right now comes up, point people towards our (very, very positive) progressive values pledge for California!