Steve Lopez is irritated, too

Steve Lopez captures the ambient grumpiness folks seem to have about this election eloquently…

“…this is where we are two years after a special election in which we elected a governor who promised he’d terminate special-interest fundraising, partisan monkey business and big borrowing, three categories in which he now reigns as undisputed heavyweight champ.
We’re about to have an election that was entirely unnecessary and cost $200 million in political donations — favors to be named later — plus at least $50 million in election-day costs.
And the governor wants you to stay home?
I can’t think of a better reason to stop everything you’re doing next Tuesday, get off your duff, and run — don’t walk — to the polls…”

If you’re irritated with the negativity, by all means don’t just vote, help with GOTV this weekend. But you can also sign our progressive values statement. It’s one way to turn this negative election into something at least a little positive.