The Governor needs rest

The campaign trail does funny things to people. It’s part of what makes politics so entertaining. Even just working in field campaigns, we usually wind up at home with the “thousand yard stare” at the end of the day. The pressure on the Governor must be enormous, because he’s still clinging to this belief that his corporate fueled agenda is not in fact a recipe for oligopoly, but “people power,” instead. He dropped this rhetoric a few months ago after it was pointed out how ridiculous it was, but it’s back now like a bad case of dandruff.
In another slipup, the guy who was – literally, I’m not making this up – doing a campaign event that featured “Cartaxula” a week ago today is accusing the actual people behind the actual people power in this election of using “scare tactics.” Mmmhmmm.
Tomorrow is it. Think about how you’re going to feel on Wednesday, win or lose: did you do everything you could? Think about how you’ll feel if you can answer that questions with an honest yes. The last survey results do seem like they’re breaking our way, but they’re so close I’m not even going to link to them. It’s just too tight to think about. The fact that we’ve taken on such an incredibly powerful Governor and made a real race out of this thing is truly heartening.
But none of that will matter if nobody shows up tomorrow. If you’re near San Francisco and want to help out but aren’t sure where to go, call my cell: 415.373.8972. We’ll be handing out copies of the voter guide at BART stations in the morning, and doing precinct work in the afternoon with the Alliance. Some of the Harvey Milk/Planned Parenthood/ACLU wing of the armada will be working out of the Castro Center field office (I’ll have the address tomorrow), and the main Alliance operations will be working out of the Plumber’s Hall Headquarters at 1621 Market, near Gough. Go go go go go.
p.s. There have been a lot of great (and sad) “one year ago” posts floating around the ‘sphere over the past week. This is where I was.