Support Clean Money for California

Jan. 19, 2006: AB 583 passed out of the Appropriations Committee on a 13-5 vote! Because it’s a major financial bill, it was placed on hold while the budget process moves forward. Thank you to all who lobbied legislators, and to the Democrats on the committee who voted in favor of the bill.


The Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, AB 583, is now pending with the Assembly Appropriations Committee, and you can continue to support this important legislation by sending a letter to committee members now.
The people of this state want their government back from the corporate special interests that have such a strangle on it now. The only way to eliminate the corrosive influence of special interests on progressive public policy is Clean Money. AB 583 would create a system of public financing for campaigns so that we can eliminate the undue influence of deep-pocketed, corporate donors on our elected officials and our democracy.