They really just don’t get it

I came across the following snarky little tidbit over at CalRaces (the blog site for some conservative consulting group)…

My guess is this is her latest attempt to fire up her ultra liberal base with a touching story about kitties, but at the end of the post I found that I had more questions than answers about what her point is.
Clearly changing world by chasing stray cats is over my head.

The post in question is from candidate for Secretary of State Debra Bowen, who has already been doing a great job keeping an eye on current Sec. McPherson and keeping absurdly insecure Diebold machines as far away from California as possible. (and whom I did not realize is a fellow alum of University of Virginia!) It’s cute. Go read it. Isn’t helping the less fortunate and powerless one of the basic tenets of living a reasonably fulfilling life? Maybe I’m being uncharitable, but how come it seems like conservatives just don’t understand this so often?