State elections officials sued over voting machines

Good for them. From the Sac Bee:

The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court, requests that a judge quickly rescind certifications of the Diebold touchscreen and optical scan voting systems that were conditionally granted a month ago by Secretary of State Bruce McPherson.
If a court agrees, the systems would be decertified for use in November’s elections. They could still be used in June balloting, however.

I like this quote from Voter Action:

“Quite simply, we can’t have trustworthy elections with Diebold’s touchscreen voting machines,” said Lowell Finley, a co-director of Voter Action, a nonprofit advocacy organization that is assisting with the lawsuit. “Without trustworthy elections, we don’t have a democracy.”

It’s kind of amazing how simple it is! I can’t wait until we get a new Secretary of State.