The Launch of our 2006 Primary Voter Guide

We’re very pleased to provide you, the voters of California, with important information for Election Day, June 6, 2006. As that date is fast approaching, you will be voting to help decide the direction our state will take. Our Speak Out California Voter Guide for the 2006 Primary Elections is here…
The guide is designed to provide you with easy access to the best progressive input available for each candidate for statewide (Constitutional) offices and a select number of the hotly-contested State Senate district races which we are highlighting because they pit acknowledged or avowed big corporate-backed Democrats against more progressive Democrats.

Our Voter Guide is designed to give you easy access to information by just clicking on the candidate’s name (which will take you to his/her website), the organization endorsing (just click to get to their site and endorsement
information) or click on the newspaper (to get directly to their endorsement information as well).
Want to know who is endorsed by groups that share your values on healthcare issues (California Nurses Association), the environment (CLCV’s EcoVote and the Sierra Club), womens and family issues, (California NOW) as well as the view from the political party under whose banner these candidates are running (California Democratic Party)? Speak Out California offers one-stop shopping for endorsements from these well-respected sources.
Want to know who California’s leading regional newspapers have endorsed?
Here are the endorsements from the LA Times, Sacramento Bee and San Francisco Chronicle, which we believe provide additional perspectives for your consideration. For the full text of their endorsements, just click on the title.
You will note that Speak Out California is not officially endorsing in the candidate races, although we will give you our recommendations on the two propositions, 81 & 82 that are on the June ballot. Our goal is to have accumulated information in our Voter Guide to provide you, the voter, with easy access to information from progressive groups and credible, respected sources. With this information, we trust that you will make your own thoughtful and informed decisions. Thus, our Voter Guide is truly just that. Once the issues and candidates have been chosen in the primary, we will be making our own recommendations in the important November match-ups to determine who will lead our state in the future.
We have also submitted four key issues to the statewide candidates requesting their responses which we believe will help you determine which candidates best reflect your progressive values. We will make those available as soon as they are received. We know that the candidates are extremely busy, but it will be telling who responds and how they view our concerns.
Perhaps most telling between now and election day is the activity of so-called Independent Expenditure Committees. Speak Out will be on the look-out and provide updates on 11th hour attacks from phony, “stealth” groups committed to advancing corporate-based candidates. Groups with misleading names, like ” Californians for Civil Justice Reform” are really fronts for funneling big corporate dollars from tobacco, oil, insurance and other highly questionable business interests to candidates who will promote big business’ agenda when in office. We believe having all the information on who is supporting whom and with how much should be an additional resource for your consideration of which candidates reflect your progressive values.
So—stay tuned!
If you already received an absentee ballot, be sure to fill it out, sign it and mail it in so it is RECEIVED no later than June 6th. An incredible number of absentee ballots end up in a stack with bills and junk mail and just don’t get sent in.
Make sure your vote is counted! And spread the word about Speak Out to your friends.
And have them come to and sign up as well.