The 2006 General Election

The November 2006 election is going to be an epic battle for defining the future of our state, pitting the brilliant and dedicated Phil Angelides against accidental Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although the Governor has tried to tack left recently, Mr Angelides is the obvious choice on issues progressives care about the most:

    Education. Governor Schwarzenegger has bizarrely attacked teachers, including during last year’s special election boondoggle. Phil Angelides will work with teachers in improving our schools, not against them.

    Budget. Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed more bash, break and borrow, protecting President Bush’s tax cuts for the rich over fixing problems like the millions of uninsured children in our state. Phil Angelides will balance the budget honestly so the state can do what it needs to do without passing the bill to our grandkids.
    Immigration. Governor Schwarzenegger has praised racist border vigilantes as “doing a terrific job.” Mr Angelides supports a moderate, balanced approach, including a path to citizenship.
    Environment. Mr Angelides, whose innovative Green Wave inititative is jumpstarting our state’s green economy, has a detailed, workable plan to reduce California’s oil consumption by 25 percent over 10 years. Governor Schwarzenegger can’t do much on this issue besides talk, having taken more than $2 million in campaign contributions from oil companies. At least that helps keep the eight full-size Hummers he owns running.
    Traffic. Governor Schwarzenegger’s approach to traffic is solely building more sprawl and more roads, which is like trying to lose weight by letting your belt out. Mr Angelides will encourage transit and smart growth, preserving open space and agricultural land at the same time.

If you’ve been waiting for a big statewide election where there would be a clear choice between the candidates, this is the one. Working together, we can send a real pragmatic progressive to Sacramento.