The 2006 General Election

The November 7th 2006 election is proving to be an epic battle for defining the future of our state. There are several outstanding progressive candidates and reforms on the ballot – as well as some truly scary conservative ones. See our 2006 General Election Voter Guide for the details…


…but on November 7th as a progressive you’ll have a chance to do all this:

    Put a real progressive in the Governor’s office. The past two years have shown that the Governor is a complete phony who can’t be trusted and will do anything to get re-elected. We can say no to his attacks on working people and his flip-flops by electing fighting underdog Phil Angelides, who has been consistently progressive and has stood up for every issue we care about.

    Safeguard our elections by electing Debra Bowen. Bruce McPherson has a track record of approving sketchy Diebold voting equipment and suppressing voter registration efforts. Debra Bowen has been a leader in pushing for creating a paper trail, encouraging more voter participation and requiring openness and transparency in campaign reporting. We need Debra Bowen as our next Secretary of State.

    Beat Tom McClintock. Tom McClintock is so radioactively conservative that the Governor hasn’t done a single campaign event with him. He has authored countless bills attacking immigrants, and opposes a woman’s right to choose. John Garamendi has been a champion for consumers as Insurance Commissioner. He has a long and distinguished progressive track record as a former state lawmaker and Clinton administration official, and will help run the state with the values we share.

    Invest in clean, independent energy. California is currently the only oil producing state that doesn’t tax its production. Proposition 87 would fix this, and the funds generated would be used to invest in sustainable fuels.

    Clean up campaign finance corruption. Proposition 89 would make campaigning about talking to voters and not about who can raise the most money. This would be an amazing progressive step forward for our state that will bring future victories within our grasp.

    Stop a developer land grab. A New York billionaire megadeveloper wants to tie government in knots and put an end to zoning and environmental land use protections. He and ultra-conservative Lt. Gov. candidate Tom McClintock are about the only two people in favor of Proposition 90.

This election is a great opportunity for progressives to move the state forward. With so much on the line, you have to do more than vote: forward our voter guide to your lists, and if you can, give a secure donation to help us get the word out.