Our worst nightmare-California goes red!

We just received this urgent message from groups in the thick of the political battle this year. We are passing it along to you to remind you just what is at stake and urge you to make sure all your like-minded friends and colleagues don’t let it happen. Please excuse some of the grammar and formatting here; at this point in the campaign urgency is the first and only thing.
This scenario might sound somewhat dramatic but it is certainly a real possibility when progressive candidates and ideas are being outspent by such significant margins. T.V. and mail are powerful tools, but we believe the internet is as well. So with a lot less money, but a lot more of what is right on our side, here’s an update on what the latest and serious events could produce in this election year:

California could very well go red. The casino-owning tribes have just announced a multi-million independent expenditure against Democrats John Garamendi and John Chiang. The mud-slinging ads will begin as soon as this week.
With the trifecta of oil, insurance and now, casino-owning tribes, along with 60,000 Far Right phone bankers culled from faux non-profits and evangelical churches, just about every constitutional office is in play in Democratic California. A recent estimate by the CA Repub Party shows, with the influx of gaming money, and Arnold’s coattails, that the Republicans have a significant chance of winning (in addition to the Governor’s seat):
Lt Gov
Secty of State
Ins Com’r
Attorney General…they are suing Jerry Brown now…
We say we want clean money and universal health care in CA….not with this crowd.
Moreover, no matter who the Dem nominee is in 2008, it is imperative that the unholy alliance in CA between oil, insurance, casino-owning tribes and the Far Right be exposed and more, eliminated, or no Democrat will stand a chance in California in 2008.
Pls educate your friends and neighbors and encourage them to vote Democratic for the entire slate. Also, if they/you have not yet gotten involved in this election, now is the time to start, esp with those who will now be facing multi-million dollar negative ad buys from the casino-owning tribes….long-time supporters to Tom “Mr. Family Values” McClintock.”

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We’ve beem banging this drum for a long time here at Speak Out California. Our state claims to have a very progressive bent, but dishonest and outlandish spending have been able to manipulate our voters over and over again.
That’s why we so strongly support Prop 89-the Clean Money Initiative, and have exposed the high stakes play of the oil and tobacco industries which have, again, been the major contributors to defeating every progressive and democratic initiative on the ballot.
Now the Tribes are coming in to play. But they’re backing the most conservative, anti-government, anti-democracy candidates of all. McClintock for Lt. Governor and his far less intelligent but equally dangerous right-wing clone, Tony Strickland for State Controller (a position for which he is absolutely unqualified).
Now is the time to show big money that our state cannot be bought. From Schwarzenegger to campaign reform, it’s time we stand up and by voting, make it clear that we’re not going to take it anymore.
We don’t want the politics of hate that have been McClintock’s mantra his entire political career—with actual McClintock statements like ” Providing abortions for the poor is like providing scotch for the wino lying in the gutter” or other equally as neanderthal views as,” Global warming’s been going on since the last ice age and will continue into the next ice age.”
This is the Bush agenda. It has no place in California.
It’s time to send them all packing. We have until November 7th to make it happen. Pass the word.