Whose government is it, anyway?

Dear Progressive California Voter:
Chances are you stopped paying attention to the barrage of increasingly shrill ads on TV a long time ago, and are making up your mind based on far more reliable information. You’ve studied the sample ballot and checked out Speak Out California’s Voter Guide, and the various candidate and initiative websites. You’ve discussed issues with your friends and mulled things over.
Now it’s time to get out there and vote. And encourage your like-minded friends to get to the polls. Better yet, get in touch with campaigns you are supporting, and spend a couple hours between now and Tuesday night helping with turnout.
This is an election for the history books. War and Peace. Global warming. The future of our state’s schools, roads, and infrastructure. Races that will decide the direction of our state, and whether we move forward or continue to be exploited by the powerful special interests that dominate in Sacramento and Washington.
The Bush-Rove machine claims they have every California voter’s private preferences and shopping habits sliced and diced, and are targeting their voters like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t let them drown us out.
Wake up next Wednesday morning knowing you had a hand in saving our planet and reclaming the precious vestiges of our democracy. As Ben Franklin said, the Founders gave us a democracy–if we can keep it.