Get Out The Vote!

Election Day is just hours away now, but that is still plenty of time to get out and talk to more voters, reminding them to go to the polls or turn in their absentee ballots on Nov. 7.
Throughout the state, the Democratic Party and the California Labor Federation are organizing volunteers to support progressive candidates and get the word out about the good, the bad and the ugly on statewide propositions.
>> Click here to find a labor office near you!
>> Click here for a list of Democratic Party field offices!
Remember, it is now too late to mail absentee ballots. If you still have one in your possession, you’ll have to drop it off sometime before Tuesday to your county registrar, or to any polling place on Tuesday.
>> Click here to look up your county elections office, and to find your polling place!
Voting is your chance to have a say in who represents you and what laws govern you. Don’t let this opportunity to participate in your democracy pass you by!