And A Progressive New Year!

This is the final Speak Out California post for 2007. We’re taking the rest of the year off to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for. And we wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and progressive year ahead!
2007 has been an … uh, interesting … year for progressives. There was…progress (sorry – a little progressive humor for the holidays,) and there was disappointment. At the very least I think we all have a better understanding of the effort that will be required to restore our vision of progressive, citizen-oriented policies in the state and country. While recent elections have shown clearly what the people want, overcoming the corporate-backed conservative stranglehold on our political process is an ongoing struggle.
In the coming year progressives can expect a tough election season. Progressives have the people, the right ideas and policies, along with truth, justice and the American Way on their side.

But conservatives seemingly have all the money in the world, skilled strategists and slick sales techniques, and the apparent willingness to say and do whatever it takes to make that sale. But just look what they’re selling: loss of pensions, loss of health insurance, loss of civil liberties, reductions of wages along with reduced employee rights and safety, loss of control over how corporations affect our lives, war… this is becoming a long list and I am sure if you are reading this you can add a page or two of your own. They are selling this package to We, the People so that a very few can live like feudal kings.
We can beat that if we can reach the public and explain our side of the story in ways that break through. Fortunately, one area where progressives are advancing is in learning to express the benefits of our values and ideas rather than just presenting laundry lists of issues that make it sound like we don’t care about anything except what the latest polls say people want to hear. Of course progressives care, and with the help of visionaries like linguist George Lakoff, we are gaining the tools to help the public understand and appreciate how progressive values, policies and candidates will improve their lives, our state, our country and the health of the planet.
This is why 2008 will be a particularly important year for Speak Out California and the Institute for the Renewal of the California Dream. Next year we hope to reach out beyond the Internet into the hearts of Californians. We will work to reintroduce understanding that thinking beyond one’s own interests to the common interests and needs of all people is in our own interest. We will help Californians understand and appreciate the progressive vision that California was born to achieve. And California will again show the country that good ideas and visionary policies start here.
We need your help to keep California moving toward a more progressive future. We need your help to keep reporting stories and insights on a regular basis. So we end the year by asking for your support. We want you to join with us and be a part of our effort to restore California and America’s progressive founding vision.
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