Updating the February 2008 Voter Guide

Dear Readers:
For the last three years, Speak Out California has been analyzing the key issues and initiatives Californians are asked to vote on during both regular and special election cycles. Last week we launched our fourth Voter Guide to assist progressive voters in considering their choices on measures ranging from school funding to expanding Indian Gaming.
Speak Out California has not taken a position on any of these ballot measures because we find that none of them advance real progressive values or policy. But we believe it is important for Californians to have a clear and unbought look at what each of them will do and not do. No money influences our discussion, no money buys our analysis. That’s why we’ve been California’s number one progressive voter guide for the past three years and why we continue to be the source of honest and untainted information that progressives throughout the state rely on in casting their important votes.
Since we posted our Voter Guide last week, there have been additional endorsements from various sources that we include on that guide. In particular, the L.A. Times has come out on all the initiatives so we have updated our guide to include their recommendations. Keeping in mind that they are only one of several papers we believe voters should consider, we want to make sure that, as a progressive, you have all the various opinions available to you in making your choices.
Please feel free to share our guide with your friends, colleagues and other like-minded progressives. It is critical to the democratic process that we have a well-informed electorate so we are able to ensure that our values and priorities translate into reality through our political process.
Election Day is less than two weeks away. Make sure you vote….and that your vote is well-thought out. After all, it’s all about our future and our vision.
The 2008 Primary Election SOCA Voter Guide