Speak Out Wants to Reach Out

Speak Out California is proud to be able to assist progressive Californians by providing information like our voter guides, articulating arguments to use when discussing issues and by always promoting progressive values. It’s what we are here for.
We feel that it is important that Californians hear about alternatives to cutting police, schools, road maintenance, and the other important things we use our tax money for. And we feel that it is important that Californians learn about democracy, community and the common good. If you feel the same please click here to contribute to Speak Out California.
Here’s the thing. You’re reading Speak Out California so it is likely that you probably understand and agree with a lot of what is written here. But most of the people in the state do not have the time or inclination to dig into the details of issues. There are few outlets for a progressive viewpoint. At the same time, everywhere Californians go they hear a conservative perspective.
That’s why we need to counter this. We need to reach all Californians with a progressive perspective as well. Californians need and deserve to hear both sides.
Speak Out California wants to reach out past the Internet to the general public of the State of California.
We want to explain the benefits to them of progressive values and ideas. This will help create understanding and acceptance of progressive policies and candidates statewide.
We have plans to begin to do that, but we need your help to make this happen. Will you help make this happen with a contribution?-Just click here
How are we going to reach out to Californians? Let us count the ways…
– Imagine if we could develop TV and radio ads promoting the benefits of progressive values to Californians.
– Imagine if we could conduct ongoing testing of the impact of messages to learn what resonates with diverse groups, helping people understand why progressive values benefit them.
– Imagine how our state would improve if Speak Out California could reach out across the state and create lasting demand for Progressive candidates and policies.
If you can imagine how outreach activities like these would help us all, please click here to help us reach California by contributing to Speak Out California.
How does this help progressives?
A few dollars sent our way creates more change than lots of dollars later.
Here’s how: As more people learn the benefits of a progressive approach they realize they share our our progressive dreams for California. This creates a lasting favorable progressive environment.
Speak Out California — explaining to people the benefits of progressive values and ideas. Creating demand for progressive policies and candidates. Providing information about the issues. Helping create progressive change. All year, every year.