Schwarzenegger Makes Recession Worse

A post by Texas Nate over at MyDD, Schwarzenegger Makes Recession Worse, says,

Let’s take a look at the situation. Democrats have proposed a way to close California’s $15.2 billion deficit:

They want to raise $8.2 billion by boosting taxes on the wealthiest Californians and corporations, and say another $1.5 billion can come to the state through an amnesty on tax scofflaws.

Seems reasonable to me. One would think the best thing to do if you disagree with something is to offer an alternative. That doesn’t seem to be the case for California Republicans:

Republicans oppose any new taxes but have yet to offer their own budget proposal, said Assembly Budget Committee Chairman John Laird, a Democrat. “It’s time for the legislative Republicans to tell the public how they would balance the budget,” he said.

Exactly right. Instead California Republicans have fallen into line with their leader in the governors mansion; disagree, complain, argue, kick and scream, but refuse to offer any alternative.
The Governor’s plan does nothing but hurt even more Californians facing a bad economy and an even worse housing crisis. Playing with the lives of state employees to score cheap political points, its no wonder the Government is having such a difficult time trying to get a budget deal in place.

Exactly right. Go over to MyDD to read the whole post.