News From California Progress Report

There is news from the California Progress Report:  The California Progress Report Will Have a New Publisher and Editor–Frank Russo to Become Chief of Staff to Assemblymember Nancy Skinner.  From the post,

Good Sunday morning, readers of the California Progress Report. I
have major news–and although it is strange to write about oneself in a
headline in the third person, I am in transition, and so is the
California Progress Report.

On December 1, when the new California legislature is sworn in and
after Assemblymember Nancy Skinner takes the oath of office, I will
officially become her chief of staff. This will be my third trip
working under the Capitol dome in Sacramento–having worked in the 70’s
fresh out of law school as Administrative Assistant to an
Assemblymember and in the 80’s as Legal Counsel to the Speaker of the
Assembly where I reviewed the work of the Judiciary and Public Safety
Committees among other matters.

. . . I also have the good fortune to announce that a California nonprofit
organization will be shepherding the California Progress Report from
being published, edited, and written by me to a consortium of different
organizations who see the value of having a daily reporting of
California state news and opinion in this age of the decline of the
established media. We will have more details about that coming out
during the week.

Congratulations to Frank.