Why California Can’t Pass A Budget

Sunday’s CBS show 60 Minutes featured our own Governor Schwarzenegger!  One of the things said on the show was the following,

“The governor proposed to close that budget deficit half with tax
increases and half with budget cuts. Republicans and Democrats opposed

This is why California does not have a budget.  I don’t mean that we do not have a budget because “Republicans and Democrats” oppose the Governor, won’t compromise, won’t “meet half way,” etc. or that “Democrats won’t agree to cut spending” as most of the public is told.  I mean that we do not have a budget because the public is told that this is the reason. If the public understood the real reasons that we do not have a budget, representative government would work and the citizens would apply the necessary pressure to bring about the passage of a budget.

It is simply a fact that the reason we do not have a budget is that a small number of extremists are blocking the passage of a budget and are doing so because they can.  They have voted against every budget compromise offered. They have been able to get away with this because the public believes that both sides are refusing to compromise.  The Democrats have agreed to cuts and have moved more than half way.  The Republicans refuse to move at all.

Our news outlets are not meeting their responsibility to keep the public informed.  This failure is contributing to our state’s inability to govern itself.

And by the way, we here at Speak Out California wish you a Happy Holiday Season!