Error Found in Prop 8 Wording

An error was found in Proposition 8 that may have broad implications for many Californians.  It is hoped that the error is corrected before this weekend’s full moon.

Read the story here: Typo In Proposition 8 Defines Marriage As Between ‘One Man And One Wolfman’

“Activists on both sides of the gay marriage debate were shocked this
November, when a typographical error in California’s Proposition 8
changed the state constitution to restrict marriage to a union between
“one man and one wolfman,” instantly nullifying every marriage except
those comprised of an adult male and his lycanthrope partner. “The
people of California made their voices heard today, and reaffirmed our
age-old belief that the only union sanctioned in God’s eyes is the
union between a man and another man possessed by an ungodly lupine
curse,” state Sen. Tim McClintock said at a hastily organized rally
celebrating passage of the new law.”

This is from The Onion, but it makes about as much sense as what Proposition 8 really says.  Prop 8 wasn’t a typo, it was one group of people deciding how another group of people they don’t even know should live.