In DC At Took Back America

I am in Washington, DC, attending the America’s Future Now!
conference.  This conference used to be called “Take Back America” but
they had to change the name.  I have been calling it “Took Back

First observation: the conference is much smaller this
year than last.  The economy is certainly part of the reason – many of
the attendees are local this year.  I flew here by cashing in miles,
not cash, and am sharing a room.  I have a media pass instead of paying
a conference fee.  Many of the people who are here from out of town are
representing organizations and not paying their own way.

think another reason attendance is down is because, to some extent, we
did Take Back America, so the urgency has dissipated.  I think it
didn’t need to be as urgent and doesn’t have to be there next time.  A
problem of progressive politics is that people get excited about
elections but not so much about getting ready for every next election
and the one after that.  Millions are raised at the last minute because
of the urgency of hard-fought campaigns, but little is donated to the
infrastructure and advance work that would save the same campaigns from
being hard fought and urgent in the first place.

If more work
were done between elections, elections would be so much easier to win. 
This is leverage – a small investment of time and resources now leads
to a large return later.  This investment includes money: a hundred
dollars given to progressive organizations today lays the groundwork
for passing progressive policies and electing progressive candidates

Here is what is good: the conference is advancing the cause of between-election-infrastructure creation.  We should have a conference or two like this in California!!


3 thoughts on “In DC At Took Back America

  1. “If more work were done between elections, elections would be so much easier to win.”
    Say Amen!

  2. I’m all for it.. gives much needed money to the conference business… those evil corporations.. 🙂

  3. Utter nonsense! Working Califorians pay the highest taxes in the nation and so do our companies. These ballot measures failed because the informed were the only ones that voted. How about a few new slogans like ‘PARENTS, STEP UP TO THE PLATE!’ or ‘STUDENTS, STUDY HARD AND GOOD JOBS WILL BE WITHIN REACH!’
    All I’ve ever done is work hard after studying hard in school and have reaped the rewards and paid unimaginable amounts of taxes.
    And I’ve been stabbed, two cars stolen, two boats stolen, and three times have been in a car accident with illegal immigrants who had no license or insurance. All three accidents were their fault, but who paid the deductable? I’m sick of the way too many people think in this state. Ever heard of self responsibility? Feed your own kids? Make sure they do their homework? Teach them about drugs and sex? Insist on the best grades in school they are capable of?
    Your attitudes are catching up with us in this state. Too many takers and not enough payers. Raise individual expectations and money will cease to be the horrific problem it is now. Your way isn’t working. Think about it.

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