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We Will Not Be Thrown Under the Bus!
On January 13th, Not Under the Bus, the premier women’s health care campaign from the Women’s Media Center, is asking women everywhere to take action against the discriminatory, anti-choice language that exists in both the House and Senate health care bills. These bills would effectively roll back women’s health care coverage in the area of reproductive rights. It is up to all of us to make sure we don’t get thrown under the bus by politicians in Washington.
Here’s how you can TAKE ACTION on Wednesday, January 13th:
Tweet: Take Action today with @NotUnderTheBus. Demand that women’s rights be protected in #HCR: #underthebus
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“Today is Take Action Day with What are you doing to demand pro-choice, fair health care? Take Action. Write an op-ed, call your Senator, and sign a petition. Demand that women’s rights be protected in health care reform.”
Sign and Share Our Petition: Tell lawmakers in Washington to keep women’s health care safe, fair and covered and urge them to strike any anti-abortion amendments from the final bill.

1 thought on “Support Women’s Health Care

  1. With lots of misdirection being perpetrated by the corporation controlled Republicans and media (and sadly, some so-called Democrats) and unconscionable health insurance industries, we can’t forget that women stand to be marginalized yet again by this health care bill.
    There is something for everyone to hate in this not-even-a quarter-loaf of health care reform to the greed-driven health insurance industry, but there is just enough to make it a step forward. That being said, we cannot afford to let the issue of reproductive choice be part of the hobson’s choice this very flawed piece of legislation presents.
    Please contact your representatives and Senators and tell them loud-and-clear that we’re not going to vote for anyone who is willing to throw us under the bus, yet again……and yes, the White House could use the same message as well.

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