Low Taxes Destroy Our Small Businesses

Remember last year when the Republicans laid out the price of a budget deal and it was a giant tax cut for the biggest corporations?  So in the middle of a revenue crisis they forced … less revenue.  Well, imagine that you are a struggling small or medium business in California, and the Republicans gave your nemesis even more power to crush you.

Corporate taxes are on profits. So a tax cut means that the more profitable companies pay back less to the government for their use of the roads, schools, police and fire protection.  The very infrastructure that supports new businesses is weakened.

Meanwhile, smaller businesses that are struggling don’t pay corporate taxes, so tax cuts do nothing for them. And small businesses that make modest profits only pay modest taxes, and don’t care.

On the other hand, the giant monopolistic corporations that are chewing up small businesses, destroying local and regional retailers, take those tax cuts and use them to turn themselves into even better small-business-destroying machines.

For example, the giant Wal-Marts are destroying local and regional retailers.  But it is the Wal-Marts, not the local and regional retailers that are the beneficiaries of tax cuts.  This is why the “usual suspects” who get their campaign funds from the giant companies, and work with lobbyists for the largest corporations are the same ones who always advocate corporate tax cuts.

Businesses Need Customers Not Tax Cuts.

2 thoughts on “Low Taxes Destroy Our Small Businesses

  1. It’s the Wal-Mart customers, not Wal Mart, who are “destroying local retail”. Please call on those benighted poor folks and tell them to buy stuff at a place that is more expensive and has fewer choices. You will get some choice answers from the proletariat.
    Many of California’s taxes are not paid out of profits, but are added costs of doing business in our state; things like abnormally high workers’ comp premiums and utility costs. Yes, let’s get rid of the remaining successful businesses in California. That way we can all work for marginal or money losing outfits that provide far more job secirity and chances for advancement.

  2. this gentleman is absolutely correct. We should aggressively increase taxes. People should be grateful to pay the highest and then some taxes in America so that they can benefit living in California. And, if you don’t like it, well leave. We don’t need the stinking money of the middle class taxpayer!
    Ooops, I have been reading that the middle class is leaving. and, taking their money with them. We are running chronic deficits. Maybe we want the successful to stay in the state? Hmmm, how can we keep them in the state while we fleece them? I know, lets write a lot of stupid articles obfuscating just what we are doing with their tax money. Sure, if they don’t know how we are wasting it, we might get away with it?

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