What is the Puzzle with Jerry Brown?

Why won’t Jerry Brown just announce that he is running for Governor?  Why won’t he campaign?  Why is he letting Meg Whitman get so far ahead of things in this campaign?  Does he just assume he has it “in the bag?”

I suspect that is exactly what he assumes.  My take on Brown is that
Democrats who were around when he was Governor and later when he ran for
President in 1992 are going to support him, many quite strongly, and they
regularly let him know this
.  I suspect it is hard for him to go anywhere without stopping to shake a hand and hear from someone who tells him what a great Governor he was, that his ideas on energy and the environment were so far ahead of their time, that he should have been elected President, etc.

So he probably feels a wind at his back
wherever he goes.  This is for sure: the “moonbeam” things Brown was about like
energy and the environment and unions have proven to be the right things.  I wrote about this almost a year ago, 

He was called “Moonbeam” and mocked, but he was right, and we were right, and the country needs to come to terms with this so we can move on and finally DO right.

. . . It is 30 years later and the country needs to get past that mocking of the people who were right. But the mocking and obstruction by entrenched interests are still in the way of letting us move on and do the things we need to do for the economy, the country, and the planet.

The problem with this is that it really is 30 years later now.  This is
2010, and that pool of people just isn’t big enough by any means.  You
have to be “a certain age” to even care.  He needs to find a way to reach out and be relevant to people who were not around when he was Governor or when he ran for President.

Does he realize this?  If he is not meeting a lot of the people to whom he just isn’t
relevant and who just don’t care, he might not be picking this up at all.  But it just is the case.  He needs to start campaigning and saying things that are relevant to the 21st century of he is going to win this election.


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  1. He probably hasn’t declared because he doesn’t have the money to combat Whitman over the airwaves. She’s already spent more than 39 million dollars on Poizner. Jerry doesn’t have that kind of money, so the shorter the campaign season is, the better it is for the Democrats.

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