June Ballot Initiatives

The June election is coming up and several initiatives have qualified for the ballot. We will be writing about them here at Speak Out California as the election draws near.
The Secretary of State’s website shows that the following initiatives have qualified for the June ballot:
Proposition 13: Limits on Property Tax Assessment. Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Buildings. Legislative Constitutional Amendment.
Proposition 14: Primary Election Process Reform. Greater Participation in Elections.
Proposition 15: California Fair Elections Act.
Proposition 16: Imposes New Two-Thirds Voter Approval Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
Proposition 17: Allows Auto Insurance Companies to Base Their Prices in Part on a Driver’s History of Insurance Coverage. Initiative Statute.
Proposition 16 is known as “the PGE initiative” and Proposition 17 as the “Mercury Insurance initiative” — but we’ll get into that later.
The not-yet-final state voter guide is available here.