Speak Out California June 2010 Endorsements And Voter Guide

Speak Out California’s positions on the ballot propositions for the June election are as follows:
Proposition 13, the Earthquake Retrofit Property Tax initiative: No position.
Proposition 14, the “Kill the Parties Initiative”: NO
Proposition 15, the “End Corporate Financed Elections Initiative”: YES
Proposition 16, the “PGE Initiative”: NO
Proposition 17, the “Mercury Insurance Initiative”: NO
Voter Guide:

In keeping with Speak Out California’s long-standing tradition, we’re again providing progressive voters with a one-stop guide to the upcoming election. We believe it is important to cut through all the hype and excessive corporate money being spent to mislead and thus persuade our voters on what each of these measures does or doesn’t do.
Watch, in particular, for Props 16 and 17 — they are each funded by billion-dollar corporations to pad their own pockets, to the detriment of the people. Prop 16 is solely financed by PG&E to keep competition, especially alternative energy companies, from challenging their monopoly of local energy service. They call it “the right to vote” but it’s anything but. 
Proposition 17 is a ploy by Mercury Insurance to be able to raise rates. They’ve single-handedly funded this measure — from signature gathering to commercials claiming they’re going to lower rates, when what they are really going to do is raise them on the least able to pay, such as people who miss a payment.
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The Speak Out California June 2010 primary election printable voter guide can be downloaded by clicking this link.
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