Can We Really Call This Christmastime In America?

Have We, the American People, Lost our Heart and Compassion and appear as grave hypocrites at this particular time of year? Or is it just our political “leaders” who have reduced the President to a virtual afterthought in their quest to bankrupt government and give the wealthiest Americans even more? Heavens, the wealthiest among us have a difficult choice to make, as one bold U.S. Senator stated earlier this week. Their dilemma is in which house should they celebrate Christmas. For the unemployed, the question is whether they will have a home at all this Christmas. And yet, the debate goes on about continuing the tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans while those same “leaders” are refusing to agree to continue unemployment payments to those who have virtually nothing
I find myself offended and embarrassed by the rhetoric being espoused by the Republicans in Congress today. They are insisting that we continue billions of dollars of tax-breaks to the wealthiest of Americans at the same time expressing deep concern about the growing deficit, which such tax breaks helped create. Of course, the record is clear that these continued breaks for the wealthy do NOT significantly stimulate the economy. In fact, it is just the opposite. By providing money for those unemployed we are assured that they will put money back into the economy for food, for rent and necessities. They are in no position to SAVE; they will spend it for basic living expenses. The rich, with so much, put that money in the bank and do not spend it. So, there is not even any fiscal logic to their protestations, yet that doesn’t (ever) stop them from making these false claims.
How did we become a nation like this? Or is it, perhaps, just the Republican leadership that is so heartless, so morally bankrupt that they are willing to sacrifice down-on-their-luck Americans, millions of them, in exchange for continued wealth and opulence for a small number of already well-fed and well-heeled supporters.
This is a moral outrage so where is the moral outrage from the Democrats? The President, supposedly the moral leader of this country, is apparently willing to make a deal, a Faustian deal at that, with the heartless politicians who are newly emboldened by their “victory” in November.
And not to be at all blinded by the irony, this is Holiday Season—when we Americans claim to be of good cheer, wishing Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all. Have we, as a nation, become so anesthetized, so paralyzed, so cold-hearted that we are unable or unwilling to DEMAND of our so-called “leaders” that they do the right thing, for once?
If our leaders need to know we have their backs on this issue, then let’s tell them.
Let them know we are a moral, good and decent people and expect them to reflect our values. It’s Christmas-time, dammit. Do something to show you care. Tell them to care, too.

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  1. Ah, Beth, I have no doubt that you are a fine, even wonderful person. I am sure that your family and friends love you and that you are generous with them to a fault. However, advocating such benevolence as a national policy is naïve beyond belief or experience. The world is not benevolent. And, basing policies upon that paradigm is a disaster.
    It has, of course, been done before. Marxism, communism, socialism, etc. are all political systems based upon the belief that all men should share the bounty of the economy. The all failed to one extent or another. I have personally toured the carcass of the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Romania, and others. If you talk to the politicians there they will say the same rhetoric as you did (almost word for word). Yet, when implementing such policies they destroyed their economies and their societies. Why?
    People aren’t benevolent. Most are not motivated to do anything for the “greater good.” Secondly, the politicians and the bureaucrats that run such societies are neither uniformly wise nor non-self serving. It is a fact that the marketplace and competition is a better way to run an economy. Is it fair? Not really. Is it kind? No. It just happens to be the fact. We cannot legislate fairness and kindness. That is the realm of religions, not politics.
    Pursuing a policy you advocate would just continue the dismantling of the economy. Those with capital would continue to flee the United States to get a better rate of return. The oil business has left the gulf and is now in Brazil, Africa, and Cuba (I know, I am going to work on a project in Brazil). All of the engineers and technology is leaving the US because it gets a better return overseas. Logging has left the Northwest since their industry has been sacrificed on the altar of the spotted owl. Manufacturing is leaving because China has cheaper labor, no unions, and less regulation. Is any of this kind or even fair? No, but it just is the way of the world.
    If you want to continue the dismantling of the US economy then continue with policies built upon your fantasies. California has certainly pursued this policy.

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