The Anti-Tax Pledge vs Democracy

Every Republican in the California legislature except two have taken a “Pledge” not to vote for any tax, ever, regardless of need or consequence. Now the anti-government group behind this Pledge is extending it to say that politicians are violating it even if they allow the public to vote on increasing any tax.
From the Sacramento Bee’s Capital Alert blog, Grover Norquist group: Putting taxes on ballot violates no-tax pledge,

The national anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform will e-mail and fax letters tomorrow to California legislators who signed its no-tax pledge, warning them the group will consider any vote to put tax extension measures on the ballot a violation of that pledge…
Gleason said asking voters whether they wanted to extend tax increases qualified as an effort to increase taxes.

So, what do you think? I guess it makes sense for an anti-government group to oppose allowing the public to make decisions. After all, that is what government is: the public making decisions for themselves.