Renew California

Take a look at Renew California, our sister organization.
We have been blasted with conservative “market” propaganda for how many decades now? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have to hear about how “markets” are the best way to allocate services to meet human needs, how corporations are better and more efficient than government.
Here’s the thing. Markets are one-dollar-one-vote systems. Those with the dollars get the goods and services. And we are all seeing how that has been working out. Corporations are about a few people at the top making decisions and telling everyone else what to do. We’re seeing how that is working out, too.
Democracy is about one-person-one-vote. We all get equal rights, equal access, equal opportunity. Extra money doesn’t mean you get more votes. And democracy is about having open, transparent and accountable decision-making.
When We, the People are really the ones making the decisions we decide we want good jobs with good wages, food safety inspections, a clean environment, good schools and a modern infrastructure for our businesses — and regulations that make sure our businesses are not squashed by the power and wealth of huge multinational corporations.
Someone has to go out and tell the public about the difference, and why democracy is a better choice.
From the Renew California website:
Standing Up – Moving Forward
Right now, conservative extremists are defining the discussion. How can that be, when voters in California gave progressives the largest margin of victory in any state and progressives hold 60% of the state’s legislative seats and most of the seven state Constitutional offices?
It happens because the right-wing controls the message and the message is controlling the policy. It isn’t supposed to be like that. Progressives should control the message. We are here to fill that need.
Renew California recognizes the importance of reaching out to communities of color and religious groups that share values of social and environmental justice, fairness and opportunity.