Strap in, kids!

In today’s Capitol Journal, George Skelton points out that, according to the Governor’s legal secretary, the special election now scheduled for Nov. 8 could be called off if Schwarzenegger signed an “urgency bill” passed by two-thirds of the Legislature.
It is hard to imagine, even given the steady stream of dismal poll numbers showing Schwarzenegger is in for an uphill fight this fall, that he would accept such a pathetic defeat even before he begins spending the millions in special-interest money he has raised.
Schwarzenegger’s advisors have confirmed that by consistently repeating the Governor is not considering that option. One has to wonder whether — given their lack of cooperation lately — enough of the Republicans in the Legislature would actually agree to it even if he did!
Meanwhile, the Legislature has less than a week to negotiate any compromise ballot measures before they are scheduled to adjourn for summer recess. Mind you, this is a luxury they haven’t enjoyed for the last five years, as they have been locked in protracted budget battles that often continued well into August and September. It’s not likely that the Democratic majority will give that up to stay in Sacramento and hammer out some kind of deal on the special election.
So, for now anyway, it looks like we are in for a ballot-box fight this fall.